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Axis and allies 2004 full game

axis and allies 2004 full game

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When forces meet on the map, battles can be resolved by the computer or in dungeon siege 2 multiplayer lan hamachi real-time play.
When playing the Allied campaign, you will jump from nation to nation's battles'.The AI in almost every case does nothing even close to these classic openings.The two games are similar in that both use world domination as their basic theme.To ensure that you are generating as much money as you can, you will need to build more resource generating buildings.Each Division HQ has a certain number of slots and attaching regiments to them simply means clicking an attach button.When moving in to an unoccupied territory, you take it over.There are simple kids games like Risk or Stratego on the one hand and complex, cardboard unit-stackers like Squad Leader on the other.Additionally, map territories change colors with a change of possession, something impossible on the cardboard maps, and this is welcome, as it makes it far easier to tell what territories you control.Just like in Rise of Nations, you have army units that you can move into adjacent territories.Sound: The music gets a little overbearing, but the sound effects are very good.Unlike a game like Soldiers: Heroes of wwii, where each mission tells a story of how something happened, with a little artistic license, or some of the true simulators of wwii where historical accuracy is paramount, Axis and Allies falls a little bit flat.There are not naval yards, and you will only ever begin a mission with your ships already given to you.In the same way, a building can be shelled to oblivion, but the units standing beside it won't do anything to suppress the attack.The programmers should have scripted the opening moves for each of the powers and assigned a high probability that one or the other of these would be made, rather than letting the AI make its own dubious determinations of what.While not a poor integration, the feel of the air and naval design definitely leaves something to be desired.You can wait a good five minutes between turns.While in practice, this concept seems quite interesting and unique, in practice I never really found that it made much of a difference.For example, if you are the English player, and you have Russian and American transports mixed in with your North Sea fleet when the German aircraft attack, you must choose which transports to remove as casualties, but can't tell exactly whose transports you're pulling out.Of course, real-world tactics become even more important in this kind of gameplay.
If you haven't, you'll be confused until you've gone through the game a few dozen times.
The unit AI didn't really have a problem with pathfinding, but the problem was more when to attack.