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Backup database sql server 2012

backup database sql server 2012

For more information, see.
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Backups that are created by more recent version of SQL Server cannot be restored in earlier versions of SQL Server.Backup database AdventureWorks TO disk 'C:K' mirror TO disk 'D:AdventureWorks_K' with format, stats, password '[email protected]#R'.Beginning with SQL Server 2012 the.For more information, see Copy-Only Backups (SQL Server).For more information on backup compression settings, see View or Configure the backup compression default Server Configuration Option In the Encryption section, use the Encrypt backup checkbox to decide whether to use encryption for the backup.However, sp_addumpdevice, which adds an entry for a a to z mystery books backup device in the system tables, indian polity by laxmikant 5th edition pdf does not check file access permissions.Alternatively, to format the backup media, use the format option: format, medianame media_name @ media_name_variable, mediadescription text @ text_variable Use the format clause when you are using pc games under 1gb size media for the first time or you want to overwrite all existing data.USE master; GO exec sp_addumpdevice 'tape 'AdventureWorks2012_Bak_Tape '.tape0 USE AdventureWorks2012; GO backup database AdventureWorks2012 TO AdventureWorks2012_Bak_Tape with format, medianame 'AdventureWorks2012_Bak_Tape mediadescription '.tape0 name 'Full Backup of AdventureWorks2012 GO Top Use the Backup-SqlDatabase cmdlet.Backing up to a disk device The following example backs up the complete AdventureWorks2012 database to disk, by using format to create a new media set.Click Remove until all existing backup files have been removed.Backup database TestBackup filegroup 'ReadOnly'.If no name is specified, a media set with a blank name is created.In the Name text box either accept the default backup set name, or enter a different name for the backup set.Differential Backups (SQL Server).With with_options,.o Optionally, specifies one or more additional options,.Text " Or cmbdatabase.Backup Overview (SQL Server) before proceding.Backup-SqlDatabase -ServerInstance ComputerInstance -Database MyDB -BackupAction Database.Note When the Differential option is selected, you cannot create a copy-only backup.The selected paths are displayed in the Backup to list box.
You need to specify the filegroup name from the database which can be obtained by using the command sp_helpdb 'databaseName specifying the name of your database.