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Creating charts and graphs in excel 2003

creating charts and graphs in excel 2003

Excel starts, and a new workbook is created.
Format Chart Area, and then select, border Color No line.
In Step 2, choose the Series in Rows option and click Next.
The exception is that it uses the Location method to define the chart as embedded.You can create both of these types using either the VBA created by the macro recorder or through VBA you enter directly in the Visual Basic Editor.To move a chart from a chart sheet to a worksheet, click the chart in the chart sheet to activate it, click the Chart menu, and then click Location.Copy Range A1:D5.Select d artType xlColumnClustered 'Link to the source data range.In this case A1:D5.Click the chart type drop-down menu on half life 2 multiplayer mod the chart toolbar, then select the chart you would like to use.Set chtChart d With chtChart.Name "Tool Sales2".ChartType xlColumnClustered 'Link to the source data range.SetSourceData _ PlotBy:xlRows.HasTitle True.ChartTitle.The recorded macro should look like the following: Copy Range A1:D5.Select d artType xlColumnClustered tSourceData PlotBy: _ xlRows ActiveChart.To stop the macro recorder, on the Stop Recording toolbar, click Stop Recording.In Step 1 of the wizard, select the Column option and click Next.ChartObject object control the appearance and size of the embedded chart on the worksheet.In Step 4, choose the As new sheet option and type the name of the chart sheet as Tools Sold and then click Finish.When you click the Line, Excel creates the line graph.In this case A3:D7.All parts of an Excel chart can be modified after you have completed the Chart Wizard, so it is not necessary to make all of your formatting options right now.