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Eircom netopia wep key generator

eircom netopia wep key generator

Dont share secrets : Secondly, its a good demo of why you dont generate two separate key values from the same source data.
Compiled code running on a users desktop, is not secret.XOR (0x59bf50, 0x000fcc) 0x59b09c, xOR (0xc2628c, 0x000fcc) 0xc26d40, aside: XOR sets the bit to 1 where the corresponding bits in its operands are different (on if research methodology cr kothari pdf it was off, off if it was on).What if all you needed were the 8 digits at the end of every default Eircom wireless network ssid name to generate this key and access any of the many Eircom wireless networks there are when you walk down a typical Dublin street?There should always be some randomness in there.But unfortunately for Eircom, it gets worse.As far as I can tell although its not quite clear who did what that guy Kevin Devine did a pretty great job of reversing this code.(This is kind of moot in many cases, since the serial number is also exposed in the MAC address, in even more detail.).Oh dear; if so, add that to the case study list above.I always had concerns about Eircoms default set up for their wireless broadband routers ever since one of my clients asked me to set one up for them.Hash this result with, sHA-1 (You can use this ) your world wonders me, " - your world wonders me, " -.4.That wont be popular!Eircom Netopia WEP key generator, enter ssid, eircom's implementation of Netopia's derivation of 128-bit WEP keys from broadcast ssids has been reverse engineered.Simply take those last eight digits,.g.I blogged that page in the link-blog this morning, but its worth writing about a little more.How easy was that?(By the way, am I missing something, or did Eircom ship unstripped binaries for the key generator library?Getting the serial number from the MAC Address.1.And visit a web page. .Well this is now all you need.
When you get a wireless router from Eircom, you are also given a disc which has a program on it to help you generate your WEP key.
You can either just read the MAC address from the air, as I did with these two examples: eircom2633 7520: 00-0f-cc-59-b0-9c eircom6046 1214: 00-0f-cc-c2-6d-40, or you can calculate them from the broadcast ssid.