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Fallout new vegas mod guide 2013

fallout new vegas mod guide 2013

Audio - pc games under 1gb size Sound FX, audio - Voices, body models.
Weapon Mod Menu (this mod will tell you if you need to reinstall it upon loading a save.).Additional Replaces Equipment - Millenia has a bunch of good weapons, and also check out adam or Gopher's Armors.Misc Stuff - Yams Pinup Parade, a small issue with Open Strip (floating poster where wall used to be Laurens Bathroom oracle database 11g tutorial pdf Poetry, conelrad (Radio Station).Performance Optimization, related to Females, related to Males, related to Movies/TV/Other Games.Body, breeze Bodybase, robert Male Bodybase, type 3/6 Bodybase.Keep in mind that many of the mods listed here require most if not all of the DLC, so be sure to get them!Exe" OR YOU will suffer THE consequences!These mods will make your game look better, play better, and just add loads of new content.Luckily it comes with a nice installer.Installation is a bit different, but just read the instructions carefully and you'll be fine.I've think I followed that pretty much followed that and it worked out that only get freezes or crashes on longer session, around 2 hours, or in Freeside and the Strip if using Open Freeside/Strip.Extra stuff for HUD that isn't made by Gopher.To see some gameplay with these mods in action, look here.Some of the mods listed in the guide require this and nvse which is listed above.You will have to launch the game with the included exe.Project Nevada (PN) - PN Patches (seperate nexus page) - PN - Extra Option.Content mods: Beyond Boulder Dome, New Vegas Bounties I II, The Inheritance, there's plenty more.Followers: I recommend Willow and Niner (requires Honest Hearts).
Fallout New VegasData (e.g., C:Program Files New VegasData.