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As we follow Okonkwo's story, we get a glimpse of the intricacies of village life and the complex social structures that come into play.All of Atwood is worth reading, but this book best exemplifies the cultural and psychological impact that a work of fiction can create.Pithy advice (e.g...
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I hate my project manager

i hate my project manager

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And its for all of these reasons that it took me a long time to realize that being in management was wrong for.
I love answering this, because project management is both a profession and set of philosophies Im very passionate about.
There is nothing wrong with those people.So be flexible and open to new ideas.(This is part of managing up, its key when youre dealing with a bad boss.And they invariably fail to acknowledge the individual hard work.Or better yet, why?I struggled with these concepts for a while, way back as a junior PM: If only these people would stop messing with my project, everything would be perfect!Click the third button once, and you see all of the graphs in your project.They are Omnipresent in any project.Look around yourself in your office, the scenario is probably the same.The cure for their laziness is pro-activeness which can help them spend quality time in office.Once Id experienced my boss micromanaging for a few weeks, I assumed there wasnt anything I could do but succumb.
Understand that as a freelancer, you will have to be a consummate sales-and-marketer of yourself and that youll have to develop thick skin to handle the rejection.