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Red alert the game

red alert the game

Gatling Tank shreds infantry and air units, but cannot stand up to armor.
Smooch of Victory : In the Allied endings, Tanya and Eva clean up nicely and hit on "the Commander suggestive music and all.
Villainous Breakdown : Premier Romanov in Allies campaign, especially after the player destroyer the 3 nuclear silos in one of the missions.
Master of None : The Russian Tesla Tank unfortunately falls into this trope - its weapon is effective against both infantry and vehicles, but not impressively so compared to the Rhino Tank workhorse or the Flak Track APC.He would have won if Einstein hadn't just finished inventing mass-time travel, and one of the Harriers hadn't crashed into his power plant on Alcatraz.Red Alert warned his fellow Autobots that they had a mere ten minutes to execute their plan before the Decepticons were upon them.Fortunately a combined team of Autobots and humans arrived from Earth to save the day.Breaker : The Allied Prism Tanks outrange every static defense except one and their attacks leap to nearer enemies so the tanks easily and quickly level up when properly micromanaged.There they confronted and defeated the Decepticons, who had already been exposed.Following an "attack" sniperspy software with crack by Swindle 's team of Decepticons, he was very much against any attempt at negotiation.Symbology Research Failure : Red Alert 2 has Russian Orthodox Church architecture on Communist structures.The Allies are successful, but the guilt from jeopardizing the security of the conference leads.He then began to patrol with his teammate Hoist and team commander Jazz.In the opening of Yuri's Revenge, Yuri activates his Psychic Dominator network, successfully mind controlling most of the planet.Boring, but Practical : Tank Rushes, using each side's bog standard tanks, are some of the most economically efficient strategies in the game.Command Conquer series and the last fully developed.