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Slackware linux 14.1 review

slackware linux 14.1 review

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Slackware links Slackware Linux Support Slackware The Slackware Documentation Project Old Timer Slackware Ragchew (David Cantrell).
Slackware avoids needless patches.This simplicity makes the system easy to maintain and use.I did have some serious issues with the nouveau driver (hard freezes) on earlier versions of the.x kernel but those seemed to have been fixed upstream.In this series 5 comment(s debian has 48 564 official packages which I believe is a few more than Slackware is currently maintaining.Org provides thousands of build scripts for applications that you might need and there are a few unofficially maintained packages of popular appliations as well by senior Slackware devs.This pleases developers and users alike: the software works the way the authors wrote.I hesitate to suggest that anyone should avoid Slackware, because who knows whether they might find some unknown delight through using it?Is Slackware still usable?Combine these together and you get an effective, hardy distribution that stands the test of time.Because the installer is so simple, and the process so straightforward, custom installation processes to support all sorts of needs can happen without complex infrastructure support.Because of the simplicity, you have a great deal of confidence in your actions, and what those actions will do to the rest of the system.Please refer to the official Slackware release announcement and release notes for more detailed information.Pkgtool can also fira ayuni episod 10 be used to re-run the menu-driven scripts normally executed at the end of a Slackware installation.It is a bit of a hit-and-miss approach when the dependencies become complicated or when some applications require strange or non-standard build environments.Several useful netfilter and networking utilities have been added.Thanks for the comment!