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Unit converter volume to liter

unit converter volume to liter

1 N/m2 1.4504x10-4 lbf/in2 (psi).02089 lbf/ft2 (psf) 1x10-5 bar.03x10-3 in water.336x10-3 ft water.1024 mm water.295x10-3 in mercury.55x10-3 mm mercury.1024 kp/m2.993x10-5 atm 1 Pa 10-6 N/mm2 10-5 bar.1020 kp/m2.02x10-4 m H2O.869x10-6 atm.45x10-4.
For more exact conversions consult temperature density sources for the actual liquids.
Mass (Weight) flow rate 1 lb/h.26x10-4 kg/s 1 lb/s.4536 kg/s 1 lb/min.56x10-3 visual studio 2012 keygen kg/s.216 kg/h 1 kg/s 3,600 kg/h 132.28 lb/min 1 kg/h.778x10-4 kg/s.67x10-2 lb/min Mass (Weight) per unit Length 1 lb/ft.49 kg/m 1 kg/m .67 lb/ft Molar.
Density, kilogram/cubic Meter, Gram/cubic Meter, Gram/cubic Liter, Pound/cubic Foot, Ounce/cubic Inch, Ounce/Gallon, and more.Bookmark our site - you'll be coming back!0.8684 knots 1 m/s.6 km/h 196.85 ft/min.237 mph 1 km/h.2778 m/s.68 ft/min.6214 mph.5396 knot 1 knot (nautical mile per hour).Energy per unit mass, energy per unit volume, flow.Gal (UK min 1 m3/s 3600 m3/h 1000 dm3(liter.32 ft3/s 2118.9 ft3/min 13200 l (UK min 15852 gal (US min 1 m3/h.7778x10-4 m3/s.2778 dm3(litre.810x10-3 ft3/s.5886 ft3/min (cfm).667 l (UK min.403 gal (US min 1 m3/h 103.Temperature Interval Conversion (6) kelvin, degree Celsius, degree centigrade, degree Fahrenheit, degree Rankine, degree Reaumur Thermal Expansion Conversion (5) length/length/kelvin, length/length/degree Celsius, length/length/degree Fahrenheit, length/length/degree Rankine.Celsius, fahrenheit, kelvin, reaumur and cludes charts, formulas and definitions.Feet.00625 Acre.05 Kanal Japan 1 tsubo.306 m2 1.17 m2 1 ho-ri.42 km2 Russia 1 kwadr.Convert square Meter, square Kilometer, Hectare, Are, Acre, square Mile, square Yard, square Millimeter, Rood.Light converters Luminance Conversion (19) candela/square meter, candela/square centimeter, candela/square foot, candela/square inch, kilocandela/square meter, stilb.Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time, also referred to as temporal frequency.Survey) 1 mm 10-3 m 1 cm 10-2.3937.0328 ft 1x108 Aangstrom.03281 foot.0984 hand (horses).3937 inch 1x10-5 kilometer.0497 link (Gunter).0328 (Ramden) 10000 micrometer 10000 micron.3996x10-6 mile (naut).2137x10-6 mile (US statute) 10 millimeter 1x107 millimicron 393.7.Data, convert Data Storage and Data Transfer.Survey) 100 link (Gunter).00013 link (Ramden).117 meter.0125 mile (US statute) 4 rod (U.S.Volume - Lumber Conversion (17) cubic meter, cubic foot, cubic inch, board feet, thousand board feet, cord, cord feet, cunit, pallet, cross tie, switch tie.Liter, cubic Meter, Barrel, Gallon, Quart, Pint, Ounce, Teaspoon, and more.Gal (UK).481 gal (US) 1,728 cu inch.296x10-5 acre foot 12 board foot (timber).7786 bushel (UK).8036 bushel (US, dry).00781 cord (firewood).0625 cord foot (timber) 28316.8 cu centimeter.42851 gallon (US, dry).48052 gallon (US, liq).3168 liter 996.614 ounce (UK.Survey) 1.62 ft 1094 yds 1 in (inch).4.54.0254.08333.02778.578x10-5 mile 1 ft (foot).3048 m 12.3333.894x10-4 mile.48 cm 304.8 mm 1 ft (U.S.When using pressure units based on liquid columns (like mm Water, in Water,.) - be aware that densities of liquids varies with temperature.