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Vampire diaries season 2 episode 21 english subtitles

vampire diaries season 2 episode 21 english subtitles

New and unexpected friendships will be forged, allies will become enemies and hearts will be broken.
Stefan and Bonnie hatch a plan to open the tomb and cripple Katherine so Stefan can go in and get the moonstone.
203 Bad Moon Rising.It is later revealed her death was staged so Klaus would believe she was dead. Damon abducts Mason after Bonnie gives him feeding frenzy 1 for pc an aneurysm to question him about werewolves and Katherine, and to torture him.Elijah reveals he wants Klaus dead because he has daggered the rest of their siblings and buried them at sea.Stefan is shot with a wooden bullet and taken hostage by the werewolves.When you get a popup from this or other videos that takes you to another site, it is.John claims he is back to protect Elena and has a way to kill an Original vampire: a dagger dipped in ash from a white oak tree that is as old as the original family.If you don't know how to watch Check this tutorial: How To Watch.Tyler finds his uncle Mason searching for what he says is a family heirloom called a moonstone. They then use his computer to look for information.213 Daddy Issues, jenna finds out John Gilbert is Elenas biological father. Bonnie then performs a spell to bring him back to life not knowing the consequences. A witch, Lucy, visits Katherine to help her get the moonstone back. Upon entering the tomb, Katherine takes Jeremy and feeds on him. Elena then comes back to life and John Gilbert dies in her place.